Catacombs of Paris

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[katakomb] Exclusives maps of Catacombs of Paris
 catacombs map : original editions and translated maps

[kwary] Quarries of Paris, underground works , inspection of the quarries, mushroom beds: Complete history of Paris undergrounds …
[atlas] Atlas of the General Inspection of the quarries, Boards IGC, topographic methods, historical files, complete documentations
[minimal] Complete files of historical notes, cartographies, and raised of the quarries of Paris (in french).

[geopedia] Complete and illustrated encyclopaedia to explain the mysteries of the Earth and underground world.

[cube] Data base and files sets of themes of the quarries and catacombs. 4000 photos – 80 books extracts. (flash)

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[gaya] Exploration of the grounds since the first ages. Discover geology, the sedimentary formation and the composition of the rocks.
[carbide lamps] The site of reference of carbide lamps and mining lamps. How to use, identify and restore the old carbide lamps.
[photographi] Full with photographs gathered by topics in pretty galleries updated regularly at the liking of the explographies…
[K-room] Constructions and installations under Paris. Restoration and stone works.History of the K-room (flash)

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